Bulletin 25.07.2011

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Bulletin 25.07.2011

Clinical Waste, Update Letters – for GMS/PMS practices in non-Trust owned properties whose waste is collected by SRCL

Please observe these letters:

ANNUAL ENVIRONMENT AGENCY REGISTRATION:  Please remember that all practices that produce over 500 kg of hazardous waste a year, (which encompasses clinical waste, fridges, fluorescent tubes, autoclaves, etc), should be registered with the Environment Agency and have a six digit premises code which SRCL (who collect the clinical waste) use on their consignment notes.  Practices are responsible for payment of the registration fee involved. You can register with the Environment Agency using a variety of methods:

  • Online using a credit card, at a cost of £18 here
  • By telephone using a credit card, at a cost of £23
  • By letter with a cheque, at a cost of £28
  • Any queries contact: 08708 502858

If you have any queries or require any information with regard to clinical waste, cytotoxic waste, specialist toxic waste collections, or obtaining additional supplies, please contact me at the LMC office on 01642 737744.  Staff at your PCT/ NEPCSA will not be able to help you because clinical, cytotoxic and toxic waste collections from GMS/PMS non-Trust owned surgeries are organised by me at the LMC office on their behalf.

NHS Reforms & GPC Commissioning Update

This commissioning update has been published by the GPC Commissioning and Service Development Sub-Committee. Ensure you are up to date with all BMA information regarding the NHS reforms – including recent announcements and briefing papers by regularly viewing this page.

JCVI Advice, Over 65s Flu Vaccination Programme

Earlier this year a review by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) advised that there was little benefit to continuing the programme and that it should be stopped. However, following comments from various stakeholders and new independent analysis the JCVI have concluded that the existing routine programme for those aged 65 years and older should continue, although be kept under review. This letter from Professor David Salisbury provides details on this advice. Whilst there remains some uncertainty about the effectiveness of PPV, there is now better evidence of the vaccine suggesting that PPV provides some moderate short term protection to those aged 65 years and older, although protection may be less and wane faster in older age groups and for some clinical risk groups. The new analysis also showed that the programme remains cost effective, despite the limited effectiveness of the vaccine, and may be more cost effective than implementing a risk group-based programme.

Sessional GP Newsletter

This July Sessional GPs newsletter covers important topics affecting sessional GPs including:

  • Annual Representative Meeting
  • LMC conference
  • NHS Reform and Sessional GPs
  • Revalidation
  • Information Cascades
  • Sessional GP conference 2011
  • Devolved nations updates
  • Contacting the Sessional GPs subcommittee about issues in your area

084 Number Guidance

A brief reminder that the GPC have published this guidance to assist practices in understanding the new Regulations with regard to the use of 0084 numbers. If you have any questions please contact the LMC Office – 01642 737 744.

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