Bulletin 03.05.2011

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Bulletin 03.05.2011


Following last year’s revalidation consultation response in which they made a commitment to simplify and streamline the revalidation process, the GMC has now published guidance on the supporting evidence required for revalidation, along with a new framework based on Good Medical Practice. The guidance states that there are six types of supporting evidence that doctors will need to provide over the five year cycle. Whereas previously there had been a need to map the supporting evidence to each of the twelve attributes set out in the Good Medical Practice Framework, it will now be assumed that these attributes have been fulfilled by submitting types of supporting information:

  1. continuing professional development
  2. quality improvement activity
  3. significant events
  4. feedback from colleagues
  5. feedback from patients
  6. review of complaints and compliments

The RCGP updated revalidation guide and this BMA update on revalidation also provide further information. The GPC continues to lobby the RCGP and other key stakeholders to try and ensure that the revalidation process is proportionate, equitable, and not overly burdensome.

Care After Death Advice

The National End of Life Care Programme has issued this guidance to help those who care for people after death. This work has been endorsed by the RCN and the Royal College of Pathologists and sets out principles of care that extend beyond physically preparing the body for transfer either to the mortuary or a funeral director. The guidance is focused on the practice of nurses and doctors and encourages co-ordinated working with other groups such as care home staff, funeral directors, the police and coroners and their teams. Further details on the National End of Life Care Programme are available here.

Migrant Health Guide

At the end of January the Health Protection Agency launched the Migrant Health Guide – an online resource for GPs and nurses working in primary care. The guide has been developed in consultation with GPs and health professionals from around the country, and is endorsed by the Royal College of General Practitioners and the Royal College of Nursing. It is intended to be a ‘one stop shop’ for information to support GPs and nurses in assessing and treating migrant patients, in recognition of the fact that these patients sometimes have health needs which are more complex than those of UK born patients.

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