Bulletin 25.06.2010

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Bulletin 25.06.2010

Distribution of Pay Uplift Across GMS

We are sure you will have seen the details around the distribution of the gross 0.8% uplift for 2010/11 across GMS but for clarity it is outlined below. The methodology recommended by the DDRB will be used to distribute the 0.8%. Application of this methodology translates into an uplift of 0.41 per cent for the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) and 0.41 per cent uplift to enhanced services and locum payments. The weighted price per patient will increase from £63.21 in 2009/10 to £64.59 in 2010/11. In England, payments inclusive of these uplifts will be made to practices from 1st July and backdated to 1st April 2010.

  • half of 0.8 per cent will be applied to the following five elements of the GMS contract, in proportion to their current relative spend: global sum; correction factor; Quality and Outcomes Framework; enhanced services; and locum payments;
  • the remaining half will be invested in the global sum, with no corresponding increase to correction factor payments;
  • any money that is released through reductions in correction factor payments will be reinvested back into the global sum, reducing the number of practices on the Minimum Practice Income Guarantee (MPIG).

Focus on DHs Improving GP Services

Following the publication in January 2009 of the document ’Primary and Community Services: Improving GP services’ by the Department of Health (DH), the management of GP contracts in England has changed, with a new role for PCTs. This ’focus on…’ document looks at the way that PCTs are being encouraged to assess practice performance and how GPs/LMCs can influence this process, the use of balanced scorecards, how PCTs have been advised to manage all primary care contracts, as well as the opportunities that the changes present for GPs.

BMA Law – Federations & Business Structures

There has been much talk about practices working as federations and in new business structures. As a response to this BMA Law are offering assistance to practices to aid understanding. This assistance includes the offer to attend practice meetings free of charge to answer questions. This special BMA Law bulletin provides more details.

Patient Choice of GP Practice Consultation

Please be aware that the national online consultation looking at how to give patients greater choice as to which GP practice they register with has been extended until 2 July 2010. If you or your patient group/forum has not yet responded to this you may wish to consider doing so. The consultation can be accessed on line here.

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