Bulletin 23.02.2010

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Bulletin 23.02.2010

Interim Guidance on Erroneous Transfer

This interim guidance has been developed by the GP2GP project and the Joint GP IT Committee to advise practices how to reduce the risk of making an erroneous record transfer request and advising practices and PCTs how to manage such erroneous requests when they do occur.

Pandemic Flu – vaccination programme

Letters regarding the H1N1 vaccination programme have been sent out from the Department of Health advising practices to continue vaccinating at risk groups opportunistically beyond the end of March. For this they will continue to receive payment, though not the related DES concessions. Practices will be advised to stop vaccinating children under 5 from the end of March. The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation has suggested that the vaccine can now be offered as a travel vaccine for those travelling to Southern Hemisphere countries during their flu season. This is likely to be provided through private travel health providers. The letters are available here.

2010/11 Certificate of estimated pensionable income

The Estimates of NHS Pensionable Profits/Pay form for 2010/11 can be found here. Every practice must in law complete this before April 2010. Medical accountants have been made aware of this form.

BMA Research Grants

Reminder that the deadline for applications for research grants totaling approximately £500,000 is 12 March 2010. Subject specifications for each grant vary. For example, in 2010, research areas include heart disease, cancer, inflammatory bowel disease and schizophrenia. More information on the grants on offer in 2010 and details of how to apply here.

Consolidated SFE

The consolidated SFE, taking into account amendments to the end of 2009, can now be found here.

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